WTA newest world ranks great promotion player Wang Ya is numerous the 64th achieve an individual new tall

By right of Bulisi the class st爱上海

ands 4 strong result, dabanzhi is beaut上海贵族宝贝

iful this week world ranks advancement, c新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ome to the 4th. At present she is apart from the 3rd fertile at present of world Niyaji is only the difference that does not arrive 200 minutes, latter is about to greet bay net to protect the stay away from home of crown.

Beautiful net champion is in first-run enjoy bye treatment, beat Ayawa and Saiwasituowa subsequently, snipe of division of Su Lun of spy of a dark horse suffers finally in semifinals.

Lisike is the rank inside first weeks of TOP100 rises the player with the biggest range. The American that is hit into finals in Shenzhen station rises from the 62nd reach the 48th, the professional career that is apart from oneself is highest the rank differs 12.

It is other below in new sports season a week ranks the player that has great promotion a few afterwards:

Sidiwensi (+ 1 rise from the 6th reach the 5th) : Although American famous general is in Bulisi class station is first-run not enemy aperture tower, but she the world of this week is ranked as before return TOP5.

Tesulunke (+ 3 rise from the 27th reach the 24th) : The person is in Wu Kelan Bulisi suffers Kapulisikewa in class station final changeover, stand by right of this nevertheless the achievement of top class Sai Yajun, she also refresh professional career is highest rank.

Wei Jiji (+ 5 rise from the 34th reach the 29th) : Wei Jiji greeted a strong bureau in 2019 sports season likewise: She in Bulisi class station beat Bo Tengsi and Sasinuoweiji, semifinal of body of ascend of with one action.

Wang Ya is numerous (+ 6 rise from the 70th reach the 64th) : Chinese girl is killed successfully in Shenzhen station 4 strong, semifinals is lost at final champion Sa Balun gets stuck. She continues to promote her rank, this week creation is new tall.

Cloth sanded Er (+ 8 rise from th阿爱上海同城

e 87th reach the 79th) : On the Canadian famous general of TOP100 of sports season return continued rejuvenescent impetus. She is rushed into in Oakland station 8 strong, 3 dishes of cherish defeat 1/4 final struggle hard at final c上海贵族宝贝

hampion Geergesi.

Nikulaisiku (+ 11 rise from the 99th reach the 88th) : Romanian veteran is hit into in Shenzhen station 8 stron上海千花网

g, world rank picks up further.

Ciwona lists child (+ 14 rise from the 109th reach the 95th) : Preexistence bound the 2nd in Shenzhen the station is opposite game is quited because of the injury in the semifinal of a Lisike. What make a person gratified nevertheless is, she this week returned TOP100 afresh.

Andelaisiku (+ 45 rise from the 152nd reach the 107th) : Canadian new show of 18 years old shines brilliantly first weeks in new sports season. She connects Kebabosi, Wociniyaji, Daweilianmusi and Xie Shuwei, the appearance with a dark horse enters Oakland station final.

Original title: Does WTA rank observe: ?  of man of Xian Ma pump loves? Wang Ya numerous achieve an individual new tall duty edits: Lin Xin is firm

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