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Suo Ni announced the figure of newest sales volume of PS4 last week, regard this for generations as best-selling lead plane, the accumulative total sales volume of PS4 had achieved 91.6 million, can decide this hardware is sure almost milestone of 100 million sales volume can be achieved inside life cycle. This 100 million numbers are too large, make us without what intuitionist上海龙凤论坛

ic concept, what does the sales volume of 100 million mean after all? We undertake the data of fore-and-aft history and transverse market contrasts below, at present the sales volume of PS4 has compared Ren Tiantang’s classic red white opportunity many 30 million, of red white machine all one’s life accumulative total sales volume is 61 million. The sales volume of PS4 is Xbox One double even some more, the appraise of Xbox上海千花网交友

One measures sales volume to be controlled in 40 million. At present Switch may be in the promising young person on market to did not come the sales volume result that place of a certain time exceeds PS4, but current sales volume still is less than 23 million. With PS photograph of history of department sport plane is compared, PS4 has exceeded PS3 1000 10 thousand, but 155 million of stage and the 102 million PS2 that had not achieved PS1 record. The mythological position that looks PS2 i上海夜网

s likely won’t by PS4 shake. If PS4 breaks through one hundred and eighteen million six hundred and ninety tho爱上海同城

usand of GB/GBC sales volume achievement successfully, so PS4 will make the sales volume on the history the 3rd tall game hardware. But at present after all whether reach still need to continue wait-and-see. The sales volume achievement of PS4 depends on on certain level PS5. Guess PS5 can be in generally at present official 2020 put on sale. If PS5 support is down compatible word, rec上海千花社区

kon a lot of players can keep back chop hand, jump over PS4, when after PS5 put on sale reentry hand lead plane. If PS5 does not support,be down compatible, so evening still may meet PS4 life cycle add up to collect reheat to sell period of time by right of sales promotion. Evening of PS3 for generations has a lot of players at that time for ” American doomsday ” and ” transcendental a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant ” proceed with PS3, although these two work also landed PS4 later, but buy early early enjoy. 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

But guess PS5 meeting support is down generally at present compatible, the game library of all PS4 will be moved to PS5 directly, so the evening sales volume of PS4 nots allow hopeful. In November 2018 portion, suo Ni announces sales volume of PS4 accumulative total achieves 86.1 million, this also is meant in christmas schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, the sales volume of PS4 is cumulative went to 91.6 million, it is 5.5 million season sales volume probably. Under photograph comparing, the sales volume of PS4 of christmas schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater 2017 is 5.9 million, 2016 christmas schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater 6.2 million. Can seeing is year after year slight gliding trend. So the PS4 sales volume of christmas can be controlled in 5 million probably 2019. However, although the sales volume year after year of christmas schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater glides, but sales volume is in the year of PS4 to grow steadily however, it is respectively to the year sales volume 2017 from 2013: 2013 – 420 10 thousand 2014 – 1441 10 thousand 2015 – 1675 10 thousand 2017 – 2120 pass 10 thousand 2016 – 1841 10 thousand times add subtration we are OK cipher out, the annual sales volume 2018 is 16.63 million, put delay apparently than having before 5 years. If the sales volume fall after a rise 2019 arrives the level 2014, so arrive at the beginning of 2020, the accumulative total sales volume of PS4 should be controlled in 106 million. And 2020 if true PS5 comes out, certainly will makes PS4 sales volume farther drop. The position that pounds GB/GBC may be debatable. Game industry history go up best-selling hardware pop chart: PS2 (2000) – 155 million Ren Tiantang DS (2004) – one hundred and fifty-four million and twenty thousand GB/GBC (1989/1998) – one hundred and eighteen million six hundred and ninety thousand PS1 (1994) – one hundred and two million four hundred and ninety thousand Wii (2006) – one hundred and one million six hundred and thirty thousand PS4 (2013) – 91.6 million Xbox 360 (2005) – 84 million PS3 (, PS4 can have broken through 100 million sales volume milepost, the likelihood is in this summer, want possibly also when after the christmas schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater 2019 passes. While PS4 achieves milestone of 100 million sales volume, shine formally of PS5 the photograph should be not far also.

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