Be free! Is EA given off ” battleground 4 ” and ” battleground: ? LC of Long of plutonium of cabin otter confused

EA announces, ” battleground ” series game is newest a DLC will offer free download, activity from now open, should expand the bag is applied to ” battleground 4 ” and ” battleground: ? Cabin otter two?

Be in next a week, arrive from today namely on May 10, ” battleground 4 ” dragon tooth (Dragon’s Teeth) DLC will offer free download, apply to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The theme that this is a patulous bag is dogface, altogether includes 4 pieces of maps, be in entirely in less than of limits of Asian Pacific Area, dragon tooth was released in July 2014 at first. Does content still include to interlink game mode, similar R.A.W? ? .R. small tool and unmanned ground car.

EA battleground expresses, will be sequel still added continuously ” battleground 4 ” and ” battleground: ? Cabin otter returns random hesitating of plutonium of W of  of harmonious ┱ arch handsome mound falls Chu boil month of? of  of ń of Chinese catalpa of human relations Du 6 days afternoon 4 when (time of the eastpart part) to public direct seeding.

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