Suggestion of government of Oculus of good times don’t last long defeats screen solution program LibreVR

Two days ago, izvestia path says Oculus Rift is exclusive game is defeated to solve. The hacker gives out LibreVR of the program that defeat solution through leaving, make Rift exclusive game also can move on HTC Vive platform. But this is likely good times don’t last long, oculus suggestion defeats screen solution program LibreVR.

After LibreVR is come out by development, also be released in the whole world the biggest project opening a source is mandatory on platform Github, this means everybody to be able to use LibreVR program, make oneself OK be shown in HTC Vive head on play ” Lucky S Tale ” and ” Dreamdeck ” etc Oculus Rift is exclusive game.

But Oculus is in in the plan it seems that now the technology of LibreVR of the screen in upgrading in the future. In GamesIndustry in interviewing, oculus expresses: This dispute law inbreaks, we anything but condonable. The user should know this kind of method is impossible all the time be successful, because software, game and application are met,update regularly, our platform will break through this software.

The working principle of this software is in moving the function in Oculus Runtime OpenVR, this means them to be able to move on any equipment. But, because the technology of Oculus gets protection, because this returns need before moving game,hit a patch.

Theoretic for, want to have the patch of need only, the game of any Oculus can move on HTC Vive, and may better Vive offers the effect to support a function additionally.

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