The black science and technology on finger tip! Check game handle 30 years of evolution between history

Regard sport lead plane as the mainest component, all the time player place values the design of game handle very much, a lot of players play game is several hours, the game handle that is forced accordingly not only the arm burden that can reduce a player, and the game feel with can be brought better promotes game the experience thereby. Come 30 years game handle is how developmental, here the author is singled out have a delegate most revolutionary 8 game handle, pass through with everybody the history, the happy days that seeks play.

The standard configuration of game handle reachs implementation by Ren Tiantang establish, it includes: Crossed key (direction) , ABXY function key (movement – also hardware produces business to use different method number, but arrange minute of cardinal principle identical) , choice and time-out bolt (menu) key-press of these 3 kinds of control. Among them crossed direction bolts (D-Pad) is Ren Tiantang is in the pioneering work with game handle the famousest respect.

Made on the foundation of FC handle two improve greatly, it is become pliable on appearance streamline, more the both hands habit that accords with a player, 2 it is the L that introduced coping and R key, prove this one design is the important originality that is next to crossed key later, also by again the most game handle later tries to draw lessons from, let more game have the design space that is able to develop. A lot of players still are used to the classical memory of SFC handle up to now.

That generation player’s in a few years the most familiar in the past handle, also be most tripartite and even mountain fastness product like me-too most, the design that more or less proves it from flank is successful. The wide style on the feel of the position that is like rocker in place of a few detail, trigger and whole, let Xbox360 handle be in many your work, especially the expression on FPS game exceeds competitor PS3 handle, also be an element of Xbox360 of choice of a lot of players. 1999 game handle was joined force is passed on and shake equivalent fruit, and the use to cooperate computer, handle also began to deploy USB interface, develop up to now, handle can have brought very adjacent and real play to experience to the player, major handle is designed, left is directional key, right is behavioral key. In the electronic game that FC sport plane distributes sansei takes the place of in, the acquiescent game manipulator that handle replaced rocker, Paddle and Keypad to become systematic place to include. An equipment the Directional-pad of 8 direction (D-pad) mix 2 or the handle design that the action of above bolts made the standard at that time.

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