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Body of in actual life is fat it is to attribute a kind of trouble, and the body is too angular also be a kind of very common circumstance, and strength of angular can light occurrence body differs the body, fall ill easily etc, fitness is fitness the motion of be good at body, the food of proper gymnastical collocation nutrition can have the effect of weightening finish, also can raise the body at the same time the physical ability of each respect, also can exercise a muscle.

Fitness can weightening finish?

Fitness can weightening finish?

Fitness also is OK of weightening finish, also need to cooperate food collocation

Muscle, proper adipose it is to need a few resource to come to what reaction goes all out to close and come

Go all out combine sarcous resource, that is: Protein (main resource, had better go buying albumen pink, fitness is over to eat, more convenient. IfLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Also can not eat beef, egg) , quantity of heat (protein makes sarcous energy source, also be proper and adipose origin, basically be: The carbohydrate such as rice, cooked wheaten food, biscuit, a few potato, ice-cream, earthnut, banana) , Morpheus (assure to have 6 ~ everyday the Morpheus of 8 hours, as far as possible much dot, breakfast sleeps, because of the) that muscle grows when you sleep namely. Poor person wants to notice: Eat notShanghai night net

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Can mix same at ordinary times, want to have rice more, previously a bowl, want two bowls now (at least first lunch two bowls, next slowly become dinner also two bowls of) , add mug-up again in the evening, banana has more quantity of heat, suit to make snack so. If1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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What you eat is albumen pink, had better eat bit of honey in the evening, can protect a kidney (albumen pink relies on a kidney to digest) . Drink water more, because human body is made by water for the most part, new student muscle can chain water is divided.

Fitness can weightening finish?

Had gymnastical equipment, food, Morpheus, what remnant comes down is the problem of gymnastical method. Everythings on earth is go all out to close and be become by 3 kinds of resource () of element spelling a source, that is: Form source (appearance, body) , the sources of energy (energy) , source (positional) , after different energy adopts the different position of different form and structure, every thing is gone all out to close and be become. In fitness, the sources of energy is: Equipment or the biology that human body weighs force and human body can. Form source is: The body of ourselves and all sorts of poses, the source is: All sorts of positions of the movement. So: We should be in only different position, use different pose to take choose gymnastical equipment / oneself body can exercise all muscle (so simple) . Specific what kind of pose, position is best? You are OK each tries, want to be able to make a certain muscle stretchs tight the most closely only, it is best pose and position. Pose + movement of positional = fitness (pose, position is different, the muscle that exercise is different also) , those who need an attention is: The standard action that coach place says, be the test between the sort of classics outdated commonly, reduce a harm to the body, the movement of the biggest to a certain muscle stimulation. These movements can watch video, or see others do. The commonnest is: Muscle of back of erect back refine, can protect lumbar so. When doing exercise, do not want random suddenly, waste energy. The artifice when lifting dumbbell and barbell wants straight (Fall in love with the sea

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The muscle) of meaning refine artifice and hand forehead.

Besides equipment, the gravity of our oneself also can serve as gymnastical the sources of energy, for instance: Crouching these 3 sit-ups, push-up, greatly is more commonly used and effective.

Fitness can weightening finish?

Knew gymnastical movement, know a key that add muscle even, that is: Breakthrough limit, produce new balance position. Otherwise muscle won’t grow, because the body can think your force and muscle are already enough,handle those campaign, did not need to increase again. And our body has a mechanism, namely: If be in some kind of condition for long (for instance: Thin) , even if now and then or you changed short time a bit, want you to stop only, it can rebound. Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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This is complete works like that civilized place says store the inevitable exercise that needs Chu Ping.

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