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Get up in the morning it is lower that ran contains oxygen to measure, because this moment sun has not risen,rise. Floral photosynthesis has not begun, the content of carbon dioxide is very so high. If ran is met,appear in the morning so that peristalsis of intestines and stomach slows, such meetings affect alimental to digest an issue. Can restrain for long absorb, what ran eats before breakfast is very much also the attention that can affect a morning at the same time and spirit.

Run is good at 5 o'clock in the morning

One: Began run at 5 o’clock in the morning harmful to the body.

2: The sun had not risen at 5 o’clock in the morning, greenery did not begin to make oxygen, airFall in love with the sea

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Many carbon dioxide is contained in. Right now ran, to the breath of runner the function can have adverse effect.

3: Optimal time is in the morning arrived at 9 o’clock air is fresh at 10 o’clock, the volume that contain oxygen is high. Level of the cortin inside body amounts to peak value, move the body each organ develops a function effectively, airframe each position is relative better, you can feel mental concentration, energetic, rich passion. Most important is this time paragraph be in two eat between, movement is the least to the bad influence of digestion. Because no matter be meal hind,take food instantly after ran or ran, sympathetic is in exalted position, restrain digestive juice to secrete peristalsis of path of the bowel that reach a stomach to decelerate, make alimental is digested absorb suffer an effect, as time passes can cause gastric disease.

Run is good at 5 o'clock in the morning

In the morning the note of ran

1, before undertaking ran moves, must advanced travel warming-up

Before undertaking ran moves, must advanced travel warming-up, the muscle of body of drawing good person, wake up muscle to be able to prevent athletic process effectively therebyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Get hurt in.

2, much food has not been used before ran

Overmuch food is not used before ran, can drink a cup of Wen Shui. , because satiate if undertaking ran moves later, school work can accelerate a loop, the blood that can bring about gastric ministry decreases, bring about gastralgia thereby, go against what nurture pledges to digest absorb, go against the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, return the problem that can pose gastric ulcer.

3, the time of ran does not grow too in the morning, athletic quantity does not want too big

The time of ran does not grow too in the morning, carry momentum does not want too big, the overmuch energy that can waste otherwise, go against activity of a day spread out.

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The advantage of ran is mixed in the morning disadvantage

4, wear an a few comfortable and comfortable dresses as far as possible

Wearing as far as possible a few comfortable and comfortableShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The dress, otherwise a few too tight dresses can restrict a body1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The motion of body.

5, ran when had better come with nose breath

Ran when had better breathe with nose, the breath that use the mouth is more arduous, and inspiratory air may stimulate respiratory tract.

Run in the morning campaign does not suspend immediately after the pace, should be in slowly walk up a few minutes to rest.

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