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Kelp looks in people look have very powerful nourishing effect, so people uses the method with the mainest kelp to warm kelp boiling water namely, and because it is a kind of plant that grows in the sea,still be in, distributinging in the surface of kelp brilliant of a salt kind material, take the word of kelp stew, can promote the delicious flavour of soup effectively. The immune force of dot wants than growing up originally a lot of lower, because catch a cold,so the odds that causes cough symptom also wants a lot of taller, and can kids have kelp when cough?

 Can child cough eat kelp

Kelp chop soup won’t be aggravating illness, but best little eat a few stodges, lest accentuation coughs, occurrence expectoration. Child chill cold goes out to shed tears nowShanghai night net

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The illness of cough needs to take drug in time, relieve a cough with diminish inflammation give priority to, can take cold Qing Dynasty to heat up grain, have phlegmy can take fluid of profess to convinced of Xian Zhu drop, strive for as soon as possible to cure. Congee of very light blue: Rice 50 grams, ginger 5, need very light blue repeatedly 5 paragraphs, rice vinegar 5 milliliter, add water right amount the congee that boil, take the advantage of hot drink to use. Almond turnip decoct: Almond (sweet) 10 grams, ginger 3, bailuo predicts 100 grams, water simmer in water is taken, daily 1 agent.

Wintry spring is seasonal, cold heat is alternant, the change of weather makes delicate darling easy cold, cough, especially spring darling cough is apparent grow in quantity, among them 80% be change by virus or climateFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Cause, apparent, it is harmful and profitless to if give baby blindly,use antibiotic. With relieve a cough expectorant medicine can have certain effect admittedly to among them part cough, but can affect darling appetite, darling appetite was differred, nutrition does not follow to go up, resistance also can be differred. Darling coughs, besides having treatment in the light of the pathogeny, applied dietotherapy can have the effect of auxiliary cure, and, according to dietotherapy of card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, can gain a job half result1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The effect of times.

 Can child cough eat kelp

What does the secret recipe that treats cough have

1, purple perilla congee: Purple perilla leaf 10 grams, rice 50 grams, ginger 3, big jujube 3. Boil congee with rice first, su Xie, ginger, big jujube is joined when congee will be ripe, take the advantage of heat to take. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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2, walnut ginger drink: Walnut flesh 5 pound, ginger juice is right amount send take.

3, soup of ginger garlic brown sugar: Ginger 5, brown sugar 12 grams, garlic 3. Add water to boil 10 minutes, water boiling water.

4, a thick soup of ginger candy bean curd: Bean curd 200 grams, brown sugar 50 grams, ginger 3. Add a few water to thoroughly cook can.

5, water of tangerine ginger honey: Tangerine 60 grams, ginger 30 grams, honey 250 grams. First tangerine, 2 flavour use ginger water decoction, 15 minutes take decoct fluid 1 times, add water again decoct, take decoct fluid 3 times in all, amalgamative decoct fluid, shrink with boil down of small fire simmer in water, to stiff when stickingForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, add person honey, to boil cease-fire, bottle reserves. Daily take 3 times, every time 3 spoon.

 Can child cough eat kelp

6, end of sesame oil ginger scrambles egg: Put sesame oil of one small spoon fry pan inside, jiang Mo is put after oily heat, pass in oil a bit, immediately infiltrates an egg fries divide evenly. When child chill cough and body empty cough, let the child be in every night face heat is taken the advantage of to eat before sleeping, insist to eat on a few days, can get clear resultNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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7, pear + Chinese prickly ash + rock candy: Pear, abluent, traverse incision is dug go after the nucleus intermediate, put 20 Chinese prickly ash, 2 rock candy, be opposite pear again in going all out to put a bowl, on boiler evaporate is controlled half hours can, a pear can be divided second eat. Pear of rock candy of evaporate Chinese prickly ash coughs to treating cold the effect is very apparent, but the smell that some children do not like Chinese prickly ash, the parent but oneself choose.

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