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The plum of great majority contains a tart flavor for example smoked plum arbutus, but these plum have a special effect again is to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid then satisfy one’s thirst. Consider plum very acerb so, these plum also got everybody’s welcome, and Wu Mei is often by everybody1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Make confiture edible. But be in spring at the beginning of end summer when fresh Wu Mei also can appear on the market in great quantities, but is fresh Wu Mei OK and direct edible?

Can fresh Wu Mei eat directly

Fresh smoked plum can eat directly

Can eat.

Smoked plum is a kind of plum, to Wu Mei’s effect and action and contraindication, what people understands commonly is very few still, especially Wu Mei’s contraindication, this to a lot of people it is blank, it is to do not have any of understanding. Because do not know,be what reason, fresh Wu Mei had not eaten anyway in our real life, some is a shop only inside trueForum of Shanghai night net

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The Wu Mei that packs for nothing, still have even if everybody can develop those who feed Wu Mei dust, regard as beverage is drunk etc, these are Wu Mei have a way, also be a lot of people know about Wu Mei have a way, and these smoked plum are a course treated, nutrient value and fresh Wu Mei are differred very far than rising, the Wu Mei that actually we do not know eats a law to still have a lot of.

Fresh smoked plum can eat directly

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Smoked plum also is a kind of fruit, child ah ancient time when, people begins edible smoked plum. Smoked plum not only can sheet eats, and also can do dish to enter boiling water, the edible value of visible Wu Mei is very tall. Everybody knows smoked plum has an effect, that is the action of satisfy one’s thirst.

Wu Mei’s effect

1, Wu Mei stops yearningly

Of smoked plumShanghai noble baby

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Acidity can stimulate saliva to secreteShanghai night net

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, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty. Commonly used will treat thirsty the disappear of much drink is thirsty (be like diabetic) and pyretic and thirsty, pharynx doing. Summer can make drink with soup of smoked plum decoct, can go heat satisfy one’s thirst.

2, smoked plum relieves a cough

Can fresh Wu Mei eat directly

Smoked plum is acerb and convergent, collect lung relieves a cough and can use at lobar empty long cough little phlegmy or dry cough does not have phlegmy disease, often match the tuber of pinellia, almond to wait.

3, smoked plum stops have diarrhoea

Smoked plum can be acerbity bowel stops have diarrhoea dysentery, can use at lienal empty long have diarrhoea, long slippery have diarrhoea of dysentery or large intestine is more than even prolapse of the anus does not close. In recent years somebody is used ” typhoid fever is talked ” bolus makes medium Wu Mei just be added basically decrease cure to be not particularity colonitis, obtained apparent curative effect.

4, smoked plum is acetanilide

Can install Hui to stop bellyacke. Ascarid gets acid criterion hot season, the abdominal pain that compounds ascarid of the medicable bravery path such as the root of Chinese wild ginger, plain any of several hot spice plants, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, monkshood or alvine path to cause with Wu Mei, vomiting even limb faint is cold. 2 can invigorate the circulation of blood stops Yu is painful. Wumeike bate spur, improve haemal circulation, reduce oedema and cure is sufficient with painful. Take Wu Mei 200 grams, add water 2000 milliliter decoct 40 minutes, filter go broken bits, add feed vinegar 200 milliliter, when temperature of the fluid that treat drug is appropriate, immerse sufficient with, every night 1, every time 1 hour or so (medical fluid can repeat heat use) .

Can fresh Wu Mei eat directly

5, smoked plum is hemostatic

Smoked plum fries charcoal but cure n/meds having blood in his stool, the person that uterine bleeding belongs to chronic diseases marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowering of body resistance. Remedial function is maladjusted strength palace bleeds, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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, the decoct such as surplus grain of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty takes; to treat prolonged of hematuria of be caused by of nephritis of chronic kidney spherule, albuminuria not disappear person, in differentiate card square in join smoked plum charcoal, cicada slough 10 grams effect is showing each 6 ~ , this and experimental proof smoked plum can aid kidney canaliculus epithelial hyperplasia, the function such as the ability that enhances kidney canaliculus to draw choice small material again is concerned.

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