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Purple perilla root also is a kind of commonner Chinese traditional medicine, catch a cold to preventing coldShanghai night net

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Have the effect of good treatment, it is certain to still have additionally fight phlogistic antiseptic effect, the result in respect of disease of precautionary low blood pressure, heart and vessels is right also. At the same time it still has very good regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it acetanilide, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The action of easy liver invigorate the circulation of blood, to pregnant woman, still have the certain effect that brings an embryo. Still have the effect that treats uterine haemorrhage.

What do the effect of purple perilla root and action have

1, remedial chill catchs a cold. Purple perilla part of a historical period is not great, but color slightly empurple, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Appearance also looks exceedingly common, but nutrient effect is very pretty good truly. The expert considers to discover, many adipose, protein and candy cent, prandial fiber, vitamin is contained to still have carrot and microelement in purple perilla leaf. Besides, the material such as naphtha and purple perilla aldehyde still is contained in purple perilla leaf, your leaf sends out a distinctive fragrance.

What do the effect of purple perilla root and action have

If the body has chill cold, specific body symptom expression has to be afraid that cold, cough and be discouraged are returned abdominal distension, can take water of bubble of purple perilla leaf so. Usually, we take purple perilla page is choice tender part of a historical period, can eat raw directly not only, at the same time OK also make tea perhaps does the soup, congee that boil. When choosing purple perilla part of a historical period, best choice lamina compares open and flat, and had not been bitten by insect and the tender leaf of many stalk ministry. If have purple perilla part of a historical period bloating be soiled is taken, had better choose a bit older leaf so.

2, the action that fight bacterium. The expert passes experimental discovery, put reagent of purple perilla leaf into test tube, can restrain the growth of bacili of the grape in test tube effectively. Say so, purple perilla leaf has the certain effect that fight bacterium, the immune power of the body can enhance after taking.

What do the effect of purple perilla root and action have

3, treat low blood pressure. The purple perilla oil that extracts from inside purple perilla leaf had a test in the animal, discover the animal can bring about blood sugar the upper part of the body after take. The main ingredient in purple perilla leaf is purple perilla aldehyde, this kind of material can lift effectively the blood sugar content inside body. Say so, if your constitution is to attribute low blood pressureOnA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Constitution, can drink water of bubble of purple perilla leaf daily so, this is great to body advantage.

The expert considers to discover, most infant appears have a fever main reason of the symptom affects place to bring about as a result of exterior wind evil namely. Say so, want to treat these symptoms, undertake to the body sudoriferous it is a choice of best allay a fever. If the child appeared this kind of circumstance, the expert is best the purple perilla after can using insolation undertakes bathing to the child after strong bubble of Xie Yongkai water, this to allay a fever alsoLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Have first-rate help. Because purple perilla leaf has scent to change the intention of chaotic and Xin Wen induce sweat,this is, after taking, can make the body fast and sudoriferous, effective treatment catchs a cold.

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